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United States

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waters Atlantic, Pacific
political North America
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The United States of America has coastlines on the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf Of Mexico, Caribbean, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean. Each of these coastlines has unique and interesting cruising grounds.

In addition, the United States has a large coastline along the Great Lakes which it shares with Canada. There are also many large US Rivers and other US Inland Lakes which are travelled by cruising vessels throughout the country. The Atlantic and Southern coastline also has a protected passage, the Intracoastal Waterway, which reaches from New England all the way to the southern tip of Florida and then continues on along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico through the Southern States until ending at the Texas/Mexico border.

There are many large US Bays and Sounds as well, which are heavily populated with cruising vessels.

The United States is also heavily populated with coastal and inland Yacht Clubs and Sailing Associations, which manage thousands of Regattas every year.


[edit] East Coast

[edit] Chesapeake Bay

[edit] Long Island Sound

[edit] New York Harbor

[edit] Massachusetts Bay

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[edit] Mid West

[edit] Great Lakes

[edit] Gulf Coast

[edit] Gulf of Mexico

[edit] Lake Pontchartrain

[edit] West Coast

[edit] San Francisco Bay

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