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Pico del Teide
Pico del Teide

Tenerife is quite in the middle of the Canary Islands. Having two airports, Tenerife offers a quite good infrastructure as well as a charter base in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Though thus, Tenerife is a good starting point for a sailing trip. Additionally, there are inexpensive flights to Tenerife.

On Tenerife arises the Pico del Teide with a height of 3718 m above sea level. The whole island is very scarped and rocky. At the northern and north-eastern coast there are a few towns, including Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the captal city steep coast of this island. Less infrastructure exists on the northwest coast. Because of the steep coast there are no interesting places for yachts.

In opposite to this, the south of this island is dense populated. Because of the two airports, the tourism of Tenerife is well developed and is concentrated on the south coast. Resorts and hotels extensive covers the hills there.

Tenerife’s weather is influenced by the northeastern trade winds. Therefore, the north and northwest coast is often covered by clouds, while the south is clear and sunny.


[edit] Marinas

Santa Cruz de Tenerife · Radazul · Los Gigantes

[edit] Tides and currents

There are tides at the Canary Islands; however the navigation is not affected very much by them. The tide range is about 2 m, but there are no distinct tidal streams. The maximal speed of streams is about 1 kn.

Maybe this is the reason, why you often cannot find any tide tables at chartered boats. So it can be useful to find out the high-/low-water times and heights from the internet before the sailing trip.

[edit] Tips and need-to-knows

  • In the strait between Tenerife and La Gomera you often can see dolphins and whales.
  • If you are looking for beaches, you may be disappointed with Tenerife. Mostly there are steep coasts, just a few sandy beaches with mostly black sand can be found.

[edit] Sailing Trips