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waters North Sea > Skagerrak, Baltic Sea
political Europe
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[edit] West Coast

Narrow Channels inside the Skerry Belt
Narrow Channels inside the Skerry Belt

Sweden’s west coast has a distinct skerry belt. The skerries are mostly rocky without flora, in difference to other parts of this country. Within the skerry belt safe passages are possible, partly through extremely narrow channels. The boat traffic here is extremely high, especially near Gothenburg. There are many very nice towns in this area, e.g. Smögen, a picturesque, but touristic vibrant town with nice, colourful wooden houses; or the glamorous Marstrand with its fortress which is visible from far.

[edit] Places

Smögen · Marstrand · Björkö · Gothenburg

[edit] South Coast

[edit] Places

Trelleborg · Ystad