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From SkipperGuide, the online cruising guide for sailing areas around the world


What is SkipperGuide?

SkipperGuide is a "Wiki". This is a system where user can edit texts and images to any topics. The texts can contain hyperlinks to ther articles.

At best, it can be compared with a homepage, which can be edited by each user easily.

The special is, that everybody can add, edit and modify articles.


  • All pages are socalled articles; new articles can be created and existing ones can be edited.
  • SkipperGuide is a collection of many articles and references to other articles. E.g. at the article "Main Page" there is a reference to "Europe".
  • Each article has a page and a discussion-page.
  • Each page has versions and a history, each edit will create a newer version.

How to edit articles?

If you are on a page which you want to edit, just click on "edit"

The click will open the edit formular and the article can be modified. The button "Show Preview" will show the modified article, but without saving it. With the Button "Save page", the changes will be stored and viewable for others.

Editing is easy, just try the preview-button
Nothing can be destroyed! all previous versions can be restored

How to create a new article?

If you click on a red reference, there is no article behind it. You will get to the blank article page, which can be editied by you. After saving it, the new article is created.

Some hints for editing

  • Most important hint: If you want to layout your article like another one: just open the other one in the edit mode and look into the source code
  • References: A reference will be marked up by to brackets: [[Articlename]] The text will be highlighed by another color, the user can click on it to get the the corresponding article page.
  • Images: Images can be included with [[Image:Imagename.jpg]].

For this, they must be uploaded first: sign-in and then choose "upload" in the menu "toolbox" on the left side.

What kind of informations can I contribute?

On the page SkipperGuide:Template you will find a collection of topics, that may be interesting for a reader. Of course, you can also write other things, this list is a suggestion.

Basically you should ask yourself: what may be interesting for other skippers? It can be all: general descriptions, local regulations, nice anchorages or shopping-tips.

Useful tools

Tools for single articles (above the article page)

  • discussion: this tab opens the discussion page of the shown article. Questions and Suggestions can be added. The own signature with date/time can be inserted with --~~~~.
  • history: Shows the history of the modifications on an article. Single versions can be compared.
  • watch: if you are logged in, you can mark articles to be watched. You will be informed by email, if the article was modified by someone.

General tools (left sidebar)

  • Recent changes: Shows all recent changes in SkipperGuide

Toolbox (left sidebar, Menu "toolbox" -> "special pages")

  • just try it :-)
  • Popular Pages: Shows, how often the pages are viewed
  • Statistic: Shows some usage statistics of SkipperGuide
  • Watchlist: Lists all articles of your watchlist and the recent changes (you have to be logged in)

Further help