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Browse SkipperGuide with Google Earth.

download GoogleEarth-data (offline without automatic update)

You must have GoogleEarth installed. You can download it from for free.

All places, marked with coordinates will be displayed with a marina symbol. The corresponding article pages can be viewed in the integrated browser of GoogleEarth.

[edit] Sample pictures

[edit] Documentation

The script is in the beta phase. Please report suggestions and bugs here.

The script exports all "coordinate" templates having the format

"{{coordinate|56_42.9_N_011_30.5_E|56°42.9'N 011°30.5'E|Anholt}}"

and creates the kml-file for Google Earth.

The first coorinate (56_42.9_N_011_30.5_E) is the most relevant - it will be used to generate the placemark. The second coordinate is just for formatted output. The third parameter is for additional description. You can leave it blank.