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From SkipperGuide, the online cruising guide for sailing areas around the world


SkipperGuide is a platform, where everybody can exchange experiences about his favorite sailing waters. Everybody can contribute, modify and correct any informations.

This site is open for everyone, free, non-commercial. is

  • pilot - up-to-date and objetive from sailors to sailors
  • community about sailing waters
  • exchange platform for informations about pilotage areas and insider tips

This site lives through its users and their contributions. You are invited to contribute Your special experiences, recommendations and hints. It can be everything: new informations about sailing areas, a hint for a good place to eat or drink, the nicest anchorages of an area or treacherous dangers. Everything, that is potentially interesting for other sailors or skippers. By doing so, this site can grow and can be kept up to date.


Idea and motivation

The motivation behind SkipperGuide: to build up an online-pilot, where everyone can contribute.

The idea is born because of the fact, that some pilotage areas are rarly covered by qualified pilots, neither online nor printed. Often, only outdated information are available. Or just some interesting tips and hints are missing.

There are so many experiences sailors around the world. If only a very small part of them will have fun to contribute, we will get the chance to build up a really valueable information pool.

This site is privately financed and operated, too stay independently of commercial interest. One important objective of SkipperGuide is to be independent from one single company to be able to deliver non-influences, authentic informations.


SkipperGuide was founded in Germany in end of 2005 in german language (see After collecting some experiences and building up a working infrastructure, but also gaining some success, the international counterpart is started about one year later in November 2006.

What SkipperGuide is not

SkipperGuide does not understand itself als competition or replacement for

  • official pilots and nautical publications - there is no replacement for it and a must have!
  • discussion forums - the objective of SkipperGuide is to structure and edit informationen, but not to become a discussion forum in classical terms.
  • private sailing-sites - they are not replaceable! The variety of informations, especially because of the different focuses must be obtained. However, SkipperGuide offers the possibility to link to these sites.

SkipperGuide can be understood as additional information system for stucturing informal sailing and touristic informations.

how can SkipperGuide be supported?

see here...


The articles in underlying - if not explicitely different stated - the "Free Documentation License" (Version 1.2, November 2002), and can be copied freely (see [1]).

The user pages (namespace "user") underlying the responsiblity of the individual users. A different license than the "Free Documentation License" is possible. Each user is self responsible for the maintenance and control of his data. The user accept, that his articles will be stored at the SkipperGuide-server and at other (e.g. decentralized backup servers).

Additional to the GNU Free Documentation License a written permission from the operator of SkipperGuide is necessary, if articles from SkipperGuide should be reused in commercial context.

Severability clause: if one or more clauses of this license agreement will be rescinded, it will have no effect to the validy of the other clauses. The rescinded clause will be retroactive replaced by a aquivalent regulation, which is mostly similar to the intendent objective.


Please discuss your questions as far as possible with the other users, e.g. on Talk:Main_Page.

If you wish direct contact to the owner of the website, send a mail to webmaster (at) (note the .de domain) or to User:Peter