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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife. The city is about 45 min by car from the airport Tenerife South (TFS) away. The northern airport is located directly at the city.

[edit] Marina del Atlantico

coordinate: 28°27.95'N 016°14.65'W

The marina is a quite large harbor for yachts, in direct neighbourhood to the container terminal. Because it is an important charter base, this marina is an important starting point for charter trips.

The condition of the marina seems to be in a provisional state [last update: 11/2005] – the harbour office and the washing rooms are placed in containers. The pontoons are in good condition and seem to be quite new. The depth is more than enough with about 12m. Overall the marina has the charm of an industrial site and offers few reasons to stay longer. Sailors reported very high harbour dues, six times higher than in Las Palmas. These high dues were justified by high local taxes. However, the dues of the marinas in the neighbourhood are significant lower [update: 10/2006].

Provision must be got by taxi. Even the marina is quite near to the city, it is quite far to get out of the fenced area of the industrial harbour.

If you would like to stay in the north of Tenerife, you can consider mooring at the marina of Radazul that is just seven miles southwards. The atmosphere and infrastructure is better than in the Marina del Atlantico. Because of a missing supermarket you should buy your provision before leaving Santa Cruz. There should by also another marina northwards inside the city area of Santa Cruz.

For more information on Marina Atlantico from a recent visitor see [1]

[edit] Approach

  • Go through the entrance of the industrial harbour
  • Go through until the end
  • Pass the small entrance to the marina on starboard at the end of the industrial harbour

[edit] Car Hire