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Historical alley at Rhodes
Historical alley at Rhodes

Rhodes is the biggest and most important island of the Dodecanese. Rhodes was an important base for the Crusaders in the past and for cruise ships today. Because of its airport and the charter bases, Rhodes is a perfect starting point for sailing trips. Many interesting islands are located north-westward. So, first you have to sail against the prevailing winds, but at the end you can return easily.

The city of Rhodes is located at the northern end of the island. It is dominated by tourism, but also offers some historical buildings. In the town centre you will find many shops and restaurants.

Rhodes offers two harbours in direct neighbourhood: the marina (Mandraki harbour) and the harbour for the bigger ships, where mostly gigantic cruise ships moor.

At the marina there are also the charter yacht fleets. The marina can be reached from the airport in about 20 min. by taxi.

[edit] Mandraki Harbour

coordinate: 36°27.0'N 028°13.65'E

The Mandraki Harbour is big, noisy, and busy. It is located near the tourist center, the old town of Rhodes, and offers some shops, restaurants and bars.

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