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North Sea

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The North Sea is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. In the north the North Sea reaches up to Norway, in the south it is separated by the English Channel from the Biscay and the Atlantic.

The North Sea is quite shallow, the water depths are in a range between 40 and 80 meters, only in the north it is getting much deeper. Because of this minimal water depth, it can become rough with stronger winds. The waves are short and quite high. Because of tidal streams, the conditions can even get worse near the coast.

Tidal navigation is essential in the North Sea, especially near the coasts of Germany and Netherlands, but also at the coasts of England. Large parts of the sea will get dry at ebb and will be flooded twice a day. These areas are also called the Wadden Sea. {addition by mark}, Tell us about that we had our boat moored in Amble in the NE or England, the weather changes very quickly and can rough up in a few minutes. Nevertheless good cruising area with fantastic views of the castles and fabulous uncrowded beaches around the Farne Islands. We have moved to Mallorca now but have fond memories.{end}


[edit] Weather and Climate

The Climate of the North Sea is influenced by the Gulf Stream. Its warm water causes mild winters and summers in the south. The northern part is getting colder. However, you can't expect summer sailing like in the Mediterranean. Best time for Sailing is between May and September. In the autumn you must expect strong winds and gales that can get really dangerous.

The weather is dominated by low pressure areas that arise near Iceland and move from the west of Ireland to the Biscay and the south of the North Sea. This will cause quite fast weather changes and will bring often a lot of wind.

[edit] Countries

[edit] Sailing Areas

  • Norway: Sailing through fjords and impressive landscapes.
  • Great Britain/Scotland: Great scenic and single malt.
  • Netherlands: There are various nice islands that can be visited by boat. It is possible to start in the IJsselmeer and start a trip to these islands.

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