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Los Gigantes

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Los Gigantes
Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is in the southwest of Tenerife. Coming from the east, it is the last safe place for yachts. Because of the cliffs of the western coast, the west coast does not offer suitable anchorages. Los Gigantes is dominated by tourism, a lot of British people, but also British pubs and food can be found here. This place also offers one of the few sandy beaches in the south of Tenerife. The beach is directly northwards of the marina.

[edit] Approach

Approaching is simple: the massive cliffs can be seen from far away, the marina is on the most northern point of the town. But be aware: At strong swell from the N - NW passing the entrance is very difficult. Because of very shallow water, there are strong currents in the entrance.

Yachts should call CH09 before entering the marina. However, it is not unusual that the harbour master is away for some time. In this case, the best is to moor at the fuel station.

[edit] Marina

coordinate: 28°14.83'N 016°50.60'W


The marina is quite large and offers some guest berths. For sailing yachts the only place with suitable water depth is the outer end of the south-western pier. Yachts will moor with the stern to the pontoons. The bow will be made fast by mooring buoys.

The marina tends to sanding up. Already at the entrance, the water depth decreases suddenly down to critical 2,5m (of course, depending on the tide and the swell). More treacherous is the sanding up at the fuel station at the north-eastern pier. While the depth in direction of the entrance is sufficient, it decreases suddenly by half a meter in direction to the promenade. Be careful, especially at sinking water.

Another sanding up is at the middle of the south-western pier. It should be avoided to go there while looking for a free berth. The best is to wait to get a berth assigned and to avoid unnecessary manoeuvres.

The condition of the marina is average. The pontoons are quite well. The mooring ropes are not very trustful. The washing rooms (located in the wall of the breaking water at the south-western pier) are "rustic". The size of the cockroaches is impressive.

Positive is the infrastructure. At the southeast pier there are various restaurants and bars. You can eat there Spanish, German, Italian but mainly British (quite funny to have an original British breakfast under the sun of the Canaries). The food is surprisingly good, quite unusual for such tourist areas.

In the town there are many souvenir shops and some supermarkets.

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