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From SkipperGuide, the online cruising guide for sailing areas around the world

SkipperGuide is based on the same technology than wikipedia. A Tutorial can be found on wikipedia:


[edit] Help for the specific SkipperGuide-Features

[edit] Most important hint

  • Just take a look on the source code of other articles - press Edit on other pages to see its source code.

[edit] Structure and Content

[edit] Maps and Sketches

[edit] Maps

  • Map Generator: Many maps are generated with the open source tool "GMT". If you are going to generate maps for SkipperGuide, request additional informations from User:Peter.

[edit] Sketches

  • Sketeches and harbour plans were mostly drawn with InkScape. The tool can be downloaded form [1] for free.
  • Harbour maps can be made by using free satallite images. The contours can be drawn with InkScape. Doing so, there is no problem with copyright.

[edit] GoogleEarth-Integration

On [2] all places from SkipperGuide can be made visible in Google Earth. It is neccessary to include the coordinates of the places in the articles. See SkipperGuide:GoogleEarthExport

[edit] GoogleMaps-Integration

GoogleMaps can be included into the articles. In edit-mode, click on "make map", adjust your map, add placemarks and then, copy the code

 <googlemap> ... </googlemap>

into your article text.

[edit] Pictures

  • If you upload pictures, please enter the source of the picture into the description box. It is neccessary to ensure not to break any copyrights.
  • Pictures can be included with [[Image:xxx.jpg|Description]]. You also can scale them with ([[Image:xxx.jpg|thumb|Description]]) and the position can be defined ([[Image:xxx.jpg|thumb|right|Description]]).