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waters Mediterranean
political Europe
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View to the Potamos Bay at Chalki
View to the Potamos Bay at Chalki

Greece is a more demanding sailing area in the Med. The Etesians (aka Meltemi) are the prevailing wind in the summer months with a force of 5. This may requires some sailing experience, but also allows sportive sailing. On the other hand, it is also possible to sail in the late autumn with pleasant temperatures and less wind.

From the navigational point of view, sailing in Greece is easy. There are no tidal streams or hidden rocks.


[edit] Sailing Areas

[edit] Saronic and Argolic Gulf

Aegina · Epidavros · Poros · Hydra · Dokos · Ermioni · Spetses · Portoheli · Astros · Nafplion

[edit] Corinthian Gulf

[edit] South Peloponese

Messinian Peninsula · Elafonisos · Kithira · Gerakas · Monemvasia · Leonidio

[edit] Aegean Sea

Northeastern Aegean Islands · Northern Sporades Islands · Eboea · Cyclades Islands · Dodecanese Islands (aka Southern Sporades)

[edit] Ionian Sea

Corfu · Sivota · Paxoi · Parga · Lefkada · Preveza · Kefalonia · Ithaki · Zakinthos

[edit] Crete

[edit] Halkidiki & Thermaikos Gulf