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Fisher idyll at Chalki
Fisher idyll at Chalki

Chalki is like Symi one of the nicest islands of the Dodecanese. The first impression, while approaching Chalki and seeing a drab steep coast, is wrong. The island offers colourful water in nice bays and a nice town.

Chalki is pretty small and has only one town, but this town is worth a visit.

A nice anchorage, near the town is an attractive alternative to the town harbour.

The position of Chalki is quite good. It is near Rhodes and can be reached within a few hours. The distance is about 35 to 40 nm.


[edit] Chalki Town

coordinate: 36°13.35'N 027°37.0'E

The harbour of Chalki is dominated by fisher. But the promenade offers many taverns for tourists.

In the north there is a pontoon, where yachts can moor. It can become problematic with strong Etesiens to find a safe berth. Gusts blowing from different directions will move the boat. The fenders can slip. A save, free berths at the quay are rare. Under these conditions you should consider to move to the Potamos Bay.

[edit] Approach

The town of Chalki lies at the south-eastern coast of the island. Cruising guides recommend approaching the town from the south. The approach from the North requires detailed charts because of rocks just below the surface. From the south you don't have comparable problems.

[edit] Anchorages

Ormos Potamos (Potamos Bay)
Ormos Potamos (Potamos Bay)

coordinate: 36°13.25'N 027°36.3'E

The Bay Ormos Potamos is a very good place to stay, but not as lonely as other bays. There is a quite beach which is quite crowded at day.

The bay is located westwards from the town, just behind a headland. The bay is open to the south, so safe anchoring should be possible with northerly winds. The ground is sand, sometimes grown over and not too deep. There is much space for anchoring.

[edit] Pictures