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Bergen is the second largest city of Norway. Having 230 days of rain, it is also called "rain capital of Europe". In Norway, Bergen is a very important because of its culture. In Bergen you will find Bryggen, a UNESCO world culture heritage, but also an important museum of art. Bergen is the birthplace and domain of the composer Edvard Grieg. In his house southwards from Bergen (Troldhaugen) the Grieg-Museum can be found.


[edit] Marinas

View at Vågen heading southwest
View at Vågen heading southwest

[edit] Vågen

coordinate: 60°23'46.41"N 005°19'14.77"E

Vågen is a bay in the center of Bergen and also the most important harbor for yachts. At the north easterly side there is Bryggen, the former wharf from hanseatic times. The colorful, wooden buildings cannot be overlooked. Especially there you will find a lot of bars and restaurants and a fish market. At day, the place is crowded by cruise tourists. Near the front end of Vågen at the south west starting excursion boats. This are fast, quite large Catamarans.

The large cruise liners and ferries stays at the outer side of the bay. The yachts can moor near Bryggen at the pier or rafted up. Some berths are also available at the front end, near the fish market. Because of the tourists’ attractions, you can expect numerous curious glances from passer-by’s. Who prefers a little more privacy, can choose a smaller jetty at the south west. Everywhere, the pier is fendered by car tires. Fender planks can be useful. Also consider the tide.

The washrooms are in a building at the front end of the bay. They are behind a inconspicuous blue door between a bakery and bars. An access card must be got from the harbour master.

The showers costs 10 NOK for 4 min. and are in a fair condition.

harbour dues: 100 NOK (also payable at a automat) electricity additional 50 NOK showers: 10 NOK per 4 min. [last visit: 08/2006]

[edit] Airport

the airport is outside Bergen. A bus frequently goes to the station

[edit] Tips

  • Bryggen - a walk through the side streets of the wooden buildings is a must-see. The bars invites to stay, but the prices are high
  • fish market - very touristic, but nicely to see
  • Fløyen - a rack railway starts near Brygge to the hill northwards of Bergen. From above you will get a very nice view to Bergen (see photos). The railway operates until 24 o'clock in summer months and until 23 o'clock in the rest of year. The ticket is quite expensive; it costs 70 NOK (return).

[edit] Images